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I'll write about my other experiences in Victoria in a separate blog entry. For this one, I will focus on my visit to the View Royal casino. The View Royal casino is one of only two casinos on Vancouver island. The other one is way up north, so the View Royal is pretty much the only gambling option close to Victoria. When I arrived in Victoria, all I knew about said casino was it was somewhere on the edge of town. I didn't plan to rent a car, so envisioned having to hire a cab to get there.

Can you repeat that? does that do to the abode edge? Donald from Las Vegas So as to is very tight to limit the dealers like that. How does this affect the house edge on this particular game? John B.

This is lower than the any attach bet, at a house edge of Rather than betting the attach, I would suggest splitting whatever you would have bet on the a choice of Egalities, preferably on the seven. But, you'll still do much better en route for stick to the Player and Bank clerk bets only, especially the Banker. I also saw a side bet big 3 giving 8. The odds of this are 1 in The bet pays , for a abode edge of Some other Websites claim this bet pays to 1.

I've been in the Seattle and Victoria for a week now and the weather has been great the complete time. Sunny skies and not a drop of rain. Quote: FleaStiff Is it Victoria or Vancouver that has the proposed mega-casino project in the downtown area? I don't know, although my guess would be Vancouver. A big casino in downtown would not blend well into Victoria. It would be like putting a casino all along the waterfront in San Francisco. So as to can be a refreshing change. After that it obviously means that there are no young ladies chatting up a series of unattached males.

How does this affect the house advantage on this particular game? John B. The next question to be asked is what is the expected beating per shooter. The tricky part is how many pass line bets bidding a shooter make, on average. Around are four possible states the firearm can be in. Let's define all one as the expected number of future pass line bets for so as to shooter. Finally, the expected return is the expected win divided by the expected bet: 0. So the abode edge is