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Bythe world may well see its first Olympic gold medallist in competitive video gaming at the Summer Games in Paris. Thanks to a passionate global community, the esports sector is thriving. The growth of esports events, from live gaming tournaments to large-scale expos, is driven by a young and enthusiastic audience whose members travel from far and wide to discover new technology and, above all, be entertained. Where this sector has succeeded, and where important lessons lie for planners, is how these events are able to engage with such a large and diverse demographic and in how esports are part of the festivalisation of events trend. An event becomes festivalised when it integrates a range of formats to create many touch points for engagement and interaction.

A community project, which soon aroused the interest of Atari Germany due en route for the fast growing number of members. Various clubs competed against each erstwhile according to a fixed set of rules in four rounds and altered games. A time limit of 15 or 30 minutes was set designed for the players to reach as a lot of points as possible. The German Advocate was determined at the end of the year. Only three years afterwards Atari already left as an administrator partner and also the Bundesliga was probably discontinued in the same day. In Netrek, the first multiplayer central processing unit game, appeared, which could host ahead to 16 players competing against all other via the Internet. It was a real-time strategy game in the Star Trek universe. The players abide over the role of the Alliance, the Klingons, the Romulans or the Orion and have to conquer a galaxy consisting of 40 planets. Netrek was played all over the earth, but as in the early being of video games, it was above all scientists, especially computer scientists, who fought hot battles because scientific institutions had access to the early Internet.

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