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The vertical axis shows both total revenue and total costs, measured in dollars. The total cost curve intersects with the vertical axis at a value that shows the level of fixed costs, and then slopes upward, first at a decreasing rate, then at an increasing rate. In other words, the cost curves for a perfectly competitive firm have the same characteristics as the curves that we covered in the previous module on production and costs. Try It Figure 1. Total revenue for a perfectly competitive firm is an upward sloping straight line.

Allocate Profit Maximizing - output A administrator maximizes profit when the value of the last unit of product insignificant revenue equals the cost of producing the last unit of production insignificant cost. As long as the income of producing another unit of amount produced MR is greater than the asking price of producing that unit of amount produced MC , the firm will add to its profit by using more adaptable input to produce more output. The law of the reality of abate marginal productivity demonstrates that adding contribution will eventually reduce production and add to cost. When the production level reaches a point that cost of producing an additional unit of output MC exceeds the revenue from the building block of output MR , producing the additional unit of output reduces advantage. Thus, the firm will not be the source of that unit. Profit is maxmized by the level of output where the cost of producing an additional building block of output MC equals the income that would be received from so as to additional unit of output MR. Ceiling profit is not maximum productivity but for cost of variable input is nil variable input is free , before price of output is infinite; as neither of these is likely en route for occur, we can confidently state so as to maximum profit is not earned as a result of maximizing production. Restated, MC is boundless where production is maximized.

Companies may take different approaches to amplify profit or minimize loss based arrange their own organizational strengths. While artefact differentiation and low price can be critical to maximizing profit, controlling asking price and maintaining market share may be more important in to minimizing beating. Regardless of what assets a ballet company owns and how much cash it holds, loss over extended periods of time will eventually weaken a company's asset positions and decrease the quantity of its cash holdings. Product Delineation Companies that can differentiate themselves as a result of providing top-quality products or services a lot are able to command higher prices in the market. While price abandoned does not guarantee profit, it does give companies the opportunity to amplify profit. All else being equal, the higher the price that companies accusation for their products' or services' a cut above quality, the more profit companies be able to expect. The differentiation strategy works barely if companies have a target advertise in which customers are less price-sensitive, but more quality-conscious than customers of other markets. Low-Price Strategy Customers all the rage the market are not homogeneous. After customers look for products or services with basic functions at competitive prices, companies catering to these customers can adopt the low-price strategy.

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