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If the first was a hit, then you've got a readymade audience of keen consumers to pitch your sale to. It's delicate, though isn't it? Do you take the fan base by the hand and lead them somewhere totally bizarre that could raise the roof, or horrify them with the weirdness of the new direction. Or, do you play it safe and rehash the original with a few tweaks? That is also an approach that can easily garner as much criticism. Or are we overthinking it?

BetSafe Review Pink Elephants Slot Machine Frequently, if you said you were as pink elephants, most people would assume you had consumed a little also much alcohol. An African themed drop in with a difference, Pink Elephants is humorous take on the wild beast that roam the African plains, delivering big rewards to players in a rather interesting way. Pink Elephants is as far from the classic slots design as you can get, along with 4 rows and 6 reels so as to feature an enormous payline, a appropriate size for the jumbo star of the show. With exciting fast-paced behaviour to land a fortune and comical symbols that depict a mystical area of African animal life, Pink Elephants is stampeding into online casinos along with some impressive force. Meerkat Madness The focus of the online slot, after that the first thing that players are likely to notice, is the big set of the reels in the middle of the screen.

It has been designed in such a way that slot enthusiasts can act without any trouble and first-time players can also jump right into the action without having to go en route for classes or reading a long dreary tutorial. Read on to uncover a minute ago how simple and straightforward gameplay is. Anyone who wants to play this game has two options at their disposal: One is the Pink Elephants demo that facilitates free play. Along with this version, there is no check requirement because you can play it straight from your browser anytime. En route for ensure you enjoy an authentic betting experience, the game offers the credits you need for free play. This is what you will use en route for place your wagers. This goes en route for show that the game is apposite for all types of players whether you are on a low account or in the mood to go on a bender.

As pink elephants is a euphemism designed for drunken hallucination caused by alcoholic hallucinosis or delirium tremens. The term dates back to at least the ahead of schedule 20th century, emerging from earlier idioms about snakes and other creatures. An alcoholic character in Jack London's book John Barleycorn is said to be delirious blue mice and pink elephants. Having spent 30 minutes chasing the additional benefit, I kind of started sensing the drunken hallucinations too.