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Pandit Nehru once threw a rupee note across the Ganga in and Indira Gandhi caught it on the other side. Because rupees went a lot further back in The above story is a wise crack on how much lesser in value money has become in recent years due to the depreciation of the rupee and rising cost of goods inflation. This is a big reason we should be investing some amount of money during our earning years instead of keeping it in our bank or spending aimlessly. The concept of compounding interest can be taken full advantage of and thankfully, it works the same for all amounts of investment. The logic is that as the time increases, you begin to earn interest on the interest as well.

The sooner your money starts growing, the better off you'll be. Grant Sabatier updated: May 6, This article includes links which we may receive advantage for if you click, at denial cost to you. Probably the a good number significant single obstacle keeping people as of investing is a lack of capital. You can do that either as a result of choosing traditional investments, many of which require much less money than you think, or some out-of-the-box investments so as to have potential for much higher returns. Millions of people never invest above all because they never get started. Investing dollars may not sound like a lot of money in a accepted investment, but it will get you started. An example is micro-savings after that micro-investment apps. It designs a assortment of stocks and bonds for you, then manages it by reinvesting dividends and rebalancing your portfolio to argue target asset allocations.

Investing basics This article contains affiliate acquaintance that can earn us revenue. The stock market can offer much advanced returns than leaving it in a savings account. This helps fund the website and keeps it free en route for use. We do not allow a few commercial relationship to affect our editorial column independence. Should I invest? Keep a few money in an easy access savings account. Paying back expensive debt such as money owed on credit cards? Homeowners might consider overpaying their advance to save hundreds or thousands of pounds in interest. If investing ticks the boxes, read on.

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