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Share on email Email One of the discoveries for Pennsylvania casinos upon reopening in June and July was how much more revenue each slot machine could generate on a daily basis with fewer in use. The daily slot win per unit is one of the metrics that casinos use to assess overall performance, and that number has soared as a result of occupancy restrictions and social distancing guidelines that allow fewer slot machines in use. The casinos might also consider it a victory for multiple reasons, in addition to having cumulatively shut off more than one-third of their machines: Neither the Philadelphia nor Pittsburgh Rivers Casinos operated the full month, due to county-imposed shutdowns tied to COVID, which prevented slots revenue from coming even closer to matching last July. New state restrictions on smoking and alcohol service on casino floors would have deterred an unknown number of patrons from visiting or from playing longer. While some level of pent-up demand was expected to draw gamblers back to casino properties, there was offsetting uncertainty due to health fears among older patrons who tend to be slots players and from financial problems in households during the COVID era. Casinos plan based on their busiest times The increase in slot machine daily win after COVID era casino reopenings might make one wonder if casinos really need as many machines as they ordinarily offer. A lot goes into determining the right number on the gaming floor, based on supply and demand principles.

Absolute events and intersecting events When we were working out the probability of the ball landing in a black or red pocket, we were big business with two separate events, the globe landing in a black pocket after that the ball landing in a burgundy pocket. If two events are commonly exclusive, only one of the two can occur. What about the black and even events? The two events intersect. Brain Power What sort of effect do you think this connection could have had on the probability?

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