Lotto Madness Slot Guide 180857

Read Review Visit Thankfully, this isn't one of the games that requires you to bet the maximum wager in order to play for the progressive jackpot, so you won't have to spend all your cash in order to have a shot at winning the grand prize. The base game jackpot is worth 10, coins, and in order to win it, you will need to hit five wild symbols on any of the paylines you are currently playing on. The wild symbol is represented by a bingo card, while Playtech have used a dollar bell symbol for the scatter. Although the biggest fixed jackpot is 10, coins, there are also several smaller jackpots worth 1,and coins. Apart from the well-known wild symbols, Lotto Madness also features a set of scatter symbols that can significantly increase your winnings. The scatters are not used to trigger the bonus game, however, hitting three scatters will multiply your bet five times. Hit four scatters and the result is 10x multiplication of your bet, and if you are lucky enough to strike all five scatters, then you are about to have your bet multiplied by fifty. The presence of these great scatter bonuses is really important, as they are one of the symbols that brings the most money to Lotto Madness players. The Infamous Bonus Game The bonus game is one of the main reasons for Lotto Madness' growing popularity and we are sure that you will be exalted by the payouts that this bonus round has to offer.

Add to Free Spins. Min deposit: 90 PLN. Max bet: 20 PLN. The next games are excluded from the additional benefit promotion offer: See website for catalogue of online slots. Play Playtech has taken a list of my favorite slots features and put them all the rage Lotto Madness!