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Lotteries If you buy a lottery ticket you are participating in a game of chance. Odds for lotteries vary according to the type of lottery played - with Division 1 referring to the top prize or Jackpot in a lottery draw. Not all lottery prizes are large there are a number of divisions but the larger the prize, the less your chances of winning. The odds will depend on the type of scratch ticket - and the number of tickets printed. Keno Keno is also a game of chance. The odds will differ, according to the games played and the amount of numbers the player hopes to spot. The odds of winning a larger Jackpot Spot 10 are 1 in 8, whereas the odds for winning a smaller Jackpot Spot 7 are 1 in 40, The odds will differ according to the games you play - but in all games of chance the odds are against you winning the jackpot or big prize. Casino Table Games Casinos offer a variety of table games.

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