Feature Double Up Slot 21329

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Roman Double Up is the perfect case of what the Spanish developer are capable of when you catch them on a good day. The graphics are one of the best things about Roman Double Up, of so as to there can be no doubt. The animations are also cool. The backdrop for the game is the court of a Roman palace, presumably the residence of someone important — maybe even Caesar himself. There are complex white marble pillars and intricately attractive mosaics that feature geometric shapes. Whoever lives here is packing in denarii. You can only see the bring down half of the Roman centurions who are standing guard with you after that gambling with coins while they accept the time. While the playing barrier looks beautiful, the only thing so as to detracts from the overwhelming Romanness of it all is the buttons positioned either side of the board. They need to be there so you can control the game, but accomplish they need to be that adult and obvious?

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