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Learn about possible registration restrictions below. Registration periods Registration periods sometimes abbreviated Pd. Period 1 is the time when currently enrolled students register, Period 2 is the time when new students register, and Period 3 is the first week of classes. The dates for these periods each quarter can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Barter To a Wait List For a Different Course To avoid a age conflict or maximum course load blunder - choose swap to join a wait list for a different avenue. By using swap you will be indicating which class you would akin to to drop if you are adequate to be enrolled from the delay list and you will be by design dropped from this class when you are enrolled from the wait catalogue. Swap To a Wait List Designed for the Same Course You cannot be enrolled in one section of a course and wait listed for a different section of the same course offered in the same session. If you are enrolled in one section early. Psychology E section and then abuse swap to join the wait catalogue of another section of the alike course ex. Psychology E section after that you will be immediately dropped after that wait listed for the other bite.