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Holiday Annual One of the most common types of bonus is an annual bonus, which employers give out once a year. Annual bonuses are usually based on your overall performance, although companies who use profit-sharing bonuses may distribute bonuses based on overall company success and profits. Annual bonuses motivate employees to stay with a company throughout the year, giving everyone something to look forward to and providing an incentive to maintain a consistently good quality of work. Annual bonuses have a wide range in terms of average amount and can vary from year to year. You may get a bonus one year, but nothing the next, so be sure you understand how your employer selects people to receive a year-end bonus. On-the-spot An on-the-spot or spot bonus is a one-time bonus used to reward exceptional work in unique circumstances. Employers use spot bonuses to compensate for extra work and reward people who show ambition and motivation.

A mix of the two; What is a Discretionary Bonus? Most bonus schemes are expressed to be discretionary. This means that bonus entitlements are not contractual and the requirements for awarding a bonus are flexible. Such schemes will usually include criteria, such at the same time as reaching individual, team or company ample targets for determining the amount of the bonus. Your employer will all the time reserve the right to determine the extent of those payments or actually whether a bonus is paid by all. This is a common basis of conflict between employers and employees. Various decisions by the courts all the rage recent years have determined that an employer must exercise its discretion all the rage good faith and on reasonable grounds. It follows therefore that if an employee satisfies the bonus criteria, the employer in turn, must have acceptable grounds for not paying that additional benefit if it is to show so as to it has acted in good assurance.