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The continued rise of eSport — Efforts to combat match fixing and improve integrity The continued rise of eSport — Efforts to combat match fixing and improve integrity Friday, 02 September This extract examines the phenomenal growth of the eSports market. These issues will be examined within the context of the governance and integrity of eSports; each significant growing pains that the fledgling industry is currently grappling with. What is ESport? Throughout this piece, eSport will be referred to as a sport. This is not with a view to being contentious, but rather because it is hard to determine what else it should be called, and it shares many of the characteristics of traditional sport. For the uninitiated, eSport is the collective noun for video or computer games played competitively between individuals or teams of players. There are, of course, many hundreds of video games titles, but remarkably few of these have the necessary characteristics or traction for competitive match play.

Advance 19th, Url copied! When we air at sports betting markets, we assign that their integrity has not been compromised. Generally, Brett Abarbanel is a big cheese you want to hang out along with. It is serious business now, accordingly much so that betting on eSports has become a multi-billion dollar advertise.

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