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Note: The data in this article is more than one year old. We also provide our outlook for the overall games market, diving into our revenue estimates towards During these trying times, gaming has become a means of escapism and time filling for many. However, the launch of the next-generation consoles toward the end of the year is also a key contributing factor. There are a few reasons why mobile will enjoy more growth than both PC and console gaming: Mobile gaming has the lowest barrier to entry: more than two-fifths of the global population owns a smartphone—and many mobile titles are free to play. Mobile gaming as an alternative to PC cafes: the closure of these cafes has led many to temporarily churn to mobile gaming. The mobile development process is less complex and, therefore, less likely to suffer delays from COVIDrelated disruption. We expect engagement for mobile games to rise even more rapidly.

We can now identify eight distinct generations of console cycles. Over that advance, the advent of CD-based games as a replacement for of cartridges and the transition as of Super Mario Bros. But inperhaps designed for the first time, video game companies started to be seen not a minute ago as creators of virtual environments, although as multi-faceted entertainment powerhouses, combining betting, social media, and traditional media at ease into one ecosystem. The industry has several growth opportunities ahead which could prove to drive outsized returns designed for investors over the long run.

Nintendo sold Of this, Full-year software sales rose Nintendo highlighted five key titles, led of course by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game shifted