Most Common Bonus 110464

Volatility: Medium Presentation The presentation of the slot is rather simple but it is nicely done. The setting for the reels is a cricket ground with the pitch at the bottom of the screen. The reels are superimposed over this floodlit scene and it does look very effective on screen. The soundtrack is simple and basically consists of cheering crowd noise and the occasional burst of For He's a Jolly Good Fellow which is one of the more unusual aspects of the slot, but which is becoming more common in cricket, especially when players lose their wicket and a new batsmen comes to the crease. Overall, the slot looks nice and sounds fine, nothing will blow you away, but in truth it is the mechanics of the game, rather than its looks that will have most appeal. What is on the reels? The good news is that all the symbols on the reels are all to do with Cricket and there are none of the playing card lows anywhere to be seen.

They generally consisted of wild symbols after that multipliers, and if lucky, a a small amount of would offer free spins. While not gone, those earlier slots still adorn the landscape of casinos, both online and land-based and still hold amount. However, for the majority of drop in players, the thrill of bonus features are the big draw and the excitement that comes when triggering them and seeing the coins float athwart the screen as the big wins fall in place simply cannot be beaten. The list of slot features that can be enjoyed in online slots is endless it seems by times.