Loyalty Program Case Study 75271

As a pure-play loyalty provider ourselves, let us explain this term to you in more detail. Many companies overlook the importance of vendor selection, yet knowing the difference between a pure-play loyalty provider and a customer data platform could push the effectiveness of your reward program to the next level. In the world of loyalty programs, pure-play refers to a specific group of providers that are characterized by their strong focus on loyalty technology. When dealing with a pure-play loyalty vendor, expect a sophisticated loyalty engine, fit with extended consumer data integration and dedicated loyalty account management, as well as various add-ons, such as gamified profiling, machine learning algorithm and offer management. Choosing a pure-play loyalty provider is recommended for established, enterprise-grade organizations who already have a well-developed CRM system. In short, the key difference between the three loyalty providers is their approach to loyalty technology.

Evidently, customer loyalty is a key en route for sustainably superior profits. Now you be able to pay workers more—boosting morale and durability. Employee experience rises, enhancing customer service—and retention—even more. And so on. Assemble a loyalty system out of these four components: The right customers.