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First of all, let's get rid of the elephant in the room This post is not a review of how the individual selections ran, it's not a tale of woe about how unlucky we were and what might have been, it's a statement of fact that tries to put the week in some kind of context. Over the 6 years we've made a total profit of just about points, an average of 25 points profit per year. We continually try to improve and an important part of that is looking at past performances to see if there are lessons to be learned. It is always better to let the dust clear and the emotions to settle before looking back with a clear view. We anticipated 3 or 4 winners, but this year only got one.

The first eleven finals were all won by the side on the north side of the stadium -- the end where Madridistas will be aid Gareth Bale and co. Real Madrid and Juventus. Two of the biggest clubs in the world, two sides that boast some of the greatest talent on the planet. The Ronaldo-led attack against a Buffon-backed defence.

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