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Discover more news The start of the bumper race Formula 1 season is just around the corner — and that means it's time to dust off your team name and sign up for F1 Fantasy. To help you out, we've got a complete guide on how to get startedplus all the key changes to the game for this year. So what's new for ? We've made a number of key changes to the game for this season, to make it even more fun to play. Firstly, driver and constructor values have changed dramatically. No longer is it possible to have a team headed by Lewis Hamilton and bolstered by solid midfield drivers, as he and others such as Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo have seen a jump in value since last year. The next significant change is the Subs Bank.

Lewis Hamilton labels Spa Sunday 'a farce' It's about now that I would say that I and hundreds of other F1 drivers have raced all the rage much worse conditions than that all the rage cars, and on circuits, which were much less safe. I can bear in mind standing on the grid in Adelaide , where the drivers were altogether feeling unhappy about the waterlogged course, when a certain Mr Bernard Charles Ecclestone walked along the grid after that said to us one by individual 'get in the car, the battle is starting'. So we did after that only Alain Prost elected to as soon as pit. It was scary but I continued until a simply possessed after that flying Ayrton Senna ran into the back of my Brabham in a ball of spray. In Adelaide , the drivers were all feeling dejected about the waterlogged circuit Suzuka was just horrendous but the race started. I remember something flashing past my left-hand side on the pit above-board which turned out to be Johnny Herbert in a Benetton pointing the wrong way. That was just ahead of I aquaplaned off the road after that hit a marshal who was attending to another similar incident. When I eventually stopped sliding along the betray I ran back to help him and his tibia bone was sticking out of his overalls.

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