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The film, starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, focused on the dirty side of underground poker. As a result, Mike quits playing poker and commits himself to earning an honest living — partly to placate his parents and his girlfriend. Then, when his childhood friend Worm Edward Norton is released from prison, Mike helps him to pay off an outstanding debt — returning to the shady poker tables to fund his benevolent gesture. How does Rounders compare to other great gambling films? Rounders has the perfect blend of lows and highs to keep the viewer intrigued and emotionally invested in the tension and drama — which are sustained throughout its two-hour screen time. One factor that sets it apart from other gambling movies is its cinematography — it juxtaposes a noir look, which captures an edgy underworld perfectly, and a sports picture that evokes the elation of winners.

Mike McDermott : [after have been caught base dealing, beaten up, and thrown out at the sheriffs game] Can you repeat that? the fuck were you thinking? You're the one that flushed his complete bank roll on one hand Mike McDermott : Oh fuck you be in charge of, that was different Worm : How is that different? What makes you so fucking special? Why are altogether your moves so smart and aristocrat and I'm always the idiot bite of shit? You act like you're only one with any ambition Mike McDermott : Then what's your ambition? I don't know, you tell me Worm : I don't know, I don't think like that Mike McDermott : No, you don't think Caterpillar : No, I don't think akin to you, you always think you be able to beat the game straight up, that's not me, and I'm always available to look for that edge, all the time Mike McDermott : Alright, what's the edge now? We owe fifteen all-encompassing in a day and we're bankrupt, what the fuck do we do? Worm : That's easy, we acquire the fuck outta dodge, we adjourn clear of the city for a while, we'll hit the road, we'll be up again in no age, this will all blow over, we'll have a ball. Mike McDermott : not a fucking chance I'm available to live like that, you address to Grama, you get him en route for stake me Worm : it's not going to work, we're not big business with Grama.

Add structured tournaments usually specify the arrange from the get-go. Common terms you should know Before we dive all the rage to the specific games, there are a few terms every player after that prospective player needs to know: Bet — the minimum amount you be obliged to gamble to get into the accomplishment of the game. Raise — the player wishes to increase the agenda bet. Players must make their finest hands with any combination of 5 cards their hole cards and the communal. Players must make their finest 5-card hands from two of their hole cards and three of the common. Players must make best achievable 5-card hand from their 7.

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