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All the rage this new thoroughly revised edition, Paul Murray brings a particular focus designed for those wanting to travel independently at the same time as well as visitors on organised tours. Game viewing in some of Africa's greatest national parks is a gratifying experience and this guide offers at great length information on the facilities, advice arrange itinerary planning as well as how to select a safari. Accommodation is covered with up-to-date information on all from luxury safari camps to account stays for younger travellers who appear overland, heading for the fast curve waters of the Zambezi gorge. Around are also details of en-route adaptation not found in other guides next a complete countrywide review of altogether destinations that are key to all-embracing travellers, making this by far the most up-to-date guidebook to Zimbabwe arrange the market. As political tension relaxes, wildlife enthusiasts and curious tourists are returning to Zimbabwe, a country which not so long ago was southern Africa's premier tourist destination, with a few of the finest national parks all the rage Africa, stunning landscapes and an great quantity of wildlife.