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That feature is gifting friends chips. If you creators of this game are worried about players using these Chip Gifts to get around waiting, winning, or purchasing more chips with real money, I would suggest that there is a limit on how many Chip Gifts a player may buy per day. I hope this review reaches the producers and that they consider my suggestions! This was after i provided receipts.

I cannot express how much boredom after that time this game has killed designed for me. This app is very able-bodied put together and has events en route for get the community involved. If you are looking for a game so as to has slot machine fun then this is it. The slots have able odds and run smoothly which be able to keep anyone glued to their buzz. I will say this though, even if the slots seem to be accomplishment upgrades with sleeker slot machines after that events to go with them body added very frequently, it seems at the same time as the developers have forgotten about their other casino games. It just looks clunky on the newer phone screens. I wish that the developers would take a little time work arrange the other games to make them as sleek as the slot machines. I would recommend this app en route for any and everyone whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran. Big Angle Casino is a waste of time!

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