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After covering tech IPOs on Wall Street, Josh brought this experience to the other side of the table and founded two companies of his own. It's a top engagement digital platform globally. Inthe audience of esports will reach a total of roughly million people globally. Earlier this year, the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Poland drewfans over two weekends. A Top-tier Talent Pool To rise through the ranks, players develop their skills through extensive, competitive play. Some even train up to 14 hours a day to hone quick reflexes and multi-tasking abilities. Successful pro gamers can earn six figure salaries or even millions in a year. Top players often start professionally around age 16 or 17, and then tend to retire around age Twitch is one of the most popular streaming sites for esports.

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Although through all that change, one approach of promoting the slot floor has remained at the forefront: the drop in tournament. Slot tournaments themselves, in actuality, remained unchanged from when slot machines first soared in popularity in the s until well into the 21st century. An operator would either ascertain a bank of machines to be used as tournament games, placing them in a roped-off area—idle, aside as of the tournaments—or would purchase tournament chips for a bank of games after that have teams of attendants physically alter the game chips out before after that after the events. Neither method was perfect.