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A Bonus Lotto is a lottery game that draws balls from two machines. In both a Lotto and a Bonus Lotto, the order in which balls are drawn is not a part of the winning conditions; however, in a Bonus Lotto, the bonus ball plays a special role in the winning conditions. That is, the total number of balls in the second machine is usually different than the number of balls in the first machine. A single ball is drawn from this second machine. Bonus Lottos make the Bonus Ball an important feature of their format. Most Bonus Lotto prizes can only be won if the player has correctly selected the Bonus Ball. The Bonus Ball is usually the final ball drawn in a Bonus Lotto game.

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How are the drawings conducted for Bonanza games? One machine holds the 69 white balls and another holds the 26 red ones. The balls are released and air makes them be sociable in the machine until they are drawn into the winning numbers cascade. One machine holds the 70 ashen balls and another holds the 25 yellow ones.