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Backward-looking withdrawal You can apply for backward-looking withdrawal from a unit if you have not completed the requirements anticipate to exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances can arise from medical, family, personal, employ or course-related reasons that: are afar your control do not make their full impact until on or afterwards the census date make it impossible for you to complete the requirements for the unit during the age in which you undertook, or were to undertake, the unit. You be able to apply for retrospective withdrawal if you have not completed the requirements designed for the unit: by withdrawing from the unit by receiving a fail arrange after being awarded deferred assessment. Preparing your application You must apply all the rage writing within 12 months of the withdrawal date or the end of the study period for the abortive unit. To apply for retrospective abandonment, you need to submit: a completed retrospective withdrawal application form a delicate statement outlining the reasons for your application independent supporting documentation. Supporting certification Depending on your circumstances, supporting certification can include statements from doctors, counsellors, or employers and should show: the circumstances were beyond your control the circumstances did not make their ample impact until on or after the census date for the unit it became apparent after the census appointment you could not continue studying how your circumstances prevented you from withdrawing before the census date. Medical certificates or letters need to include the medical provider number. Evidence of bereavement can include death notice, newspaper extracts, or letters from counsellors, funeral directors or doctors.

Accumulate a copy of this guide by: choose the 'save page' option all the rage your browser save the HTML box file in your chosen location. You be able to also save this page as a PDF by: selecting the 'print this guide' button or use your browser print option in the print settings window, select 'Save as PDF' accumulate the PDF file in your elect location. We work closely with the Competition and Markets Authority CMA which is the lead regulator for buyer protection law. The CMA has adjust out clear principles that apply en route for online gambling operators in relation en route for their promotions, practices, and account withdrawals. You must adhere to these principles in order to demonstrate compliance along with licence conditions and to ensure so as to gambling is provided fairly.

But you are withdrawing due to brilliant circumstances you may be eligible en route for apply for a retrospective withdrawal. You must advise Murdoch through MyAnswers so as to your cross-institutional enrolment has been discontinued. If you are studying a building block at Murdoch as the host academe, you must follow the Murdoch abandonment process and advise your home association. Withdrawing from university If you abandon from university, you must re-apply designed for admission to re-commence studying in the future.