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Recent history is filled with highly successful people who worked hard for years before achieving their dreams. Take James Dyson, of the vacuum cleaners and hand dryers. He changed the vacuum industry and is working to change other industries as well. But he spent 15 years going through more than 5, failed prototypes before creating his first successful vacuum cleaner. Or, take Lucille Ball. The actress, producer and studio executive was one of the most successful people the entertainment industry has ever seen. But she was no overnight success — she was 40 years old and had been working toward that success for more than 20 years.

This week one of the original 'men in black', Eric Rush, is aptly named as the captain of the New Zealand Rugby Seven's team after that a former All Black, he plays one of the fastest and a good number demanding games in professional sport. His position on the field is 'hooker', which means he's got to be extremely light on his feet after that be able to take some appealing hard knocks. But it takes add than brawn to be captain after that Rush is involved in a add up to of pursuits that make him a leader on and off the area of play. Eric Rush is sitting right after that to me, and we'll spend the next half hour separating the 'man' from the 'scrum'. Rush, thank you very much for coming. Eric, I appreciate your time.