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In the past few years, Liechtenstein has seen five casinos open — aimed mainly at attracting gamblers from neighboring countries — and there are plans for five more. The proliferation is causing alarm among some in a country where gambling had largely been illegal until Laetitia Vancon for The New York Times Christian Frommelt, the director of the Liechtenstein Institut, an independent research organization, said casinos were likely to remain a divisive issue. There are no sprawling gambling resorts with fireworks shows or reputations for never sleeping — no, these casinos are more focused on slots and tables. And because gamblers are allowed to light up while playing, they are also smoky. Spread over about 62 square miles, Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world. Not even 40, people call it home.

But so, you might be surprised en route for know that not a single individual of the casinos in Las Vegas ranks among the top ten highest-grossing casinos in the world in the GBGC Global Betting and Gaming Consultants report. If you'd like to assessment out the world's biggest casinos, you'll have to visit Asia. You be able to find eight of the top earners in Macau, while the other two are in Singapore. Macau was a long time ago a Portuguese colony, and it at once belongs to China. In colonial times, it attracted British gamblers from adjacent Hong Kong because of its add relaxed gambling laws. Even today, it contains seven of the top ten casinos by gross profit, so it's no wonder that about half of Macau's economy centers around gambling.