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Finney 0 Reviews Business success depends on employee innovation, drive, skill, endurance, and dedication. Engaged employees, studies show, provide tangible advantages to the organization like greater customer satisfaction and improved profitability. In contrast, the Gallup Organization has discovered that disengaged workers cost U. How do you engage employees and, in turn, create the high-performance organization? That's what this set is all about. From the latest theories on motivation to innovations in HR to methods to increase employee retention, it provides the essential insights and tools managers, leaders, and HR people need to find new ways to succeed--while keeping employees happy, productive, and loyal. Employees know that cradle-to-grave--or even week-to-week--employment security is a thing of the past, and that they are at the helm of their own career ship. Discerning consumers in the employment marketplace, they therefore seek employment opportunities that speak not only to their wallets and life circumstances, but also to their desire to find work that provides purpose and passion. How can employers meet these needs and create a team of engaged employees?

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Chi Chuen Chan is a professional psychologist with over 18 years of cold experience. He has served six years as a clinical psychologist at Stanley Prison, Hong Kong and eleven years as a part-time clinical psychologist all the rage Macao. He also spent one bookish year as a full-time lecturer after that student counsellor at Hong Kong Shue Yan College. His PhD is all the rage Psychology and his field of capability is forensic and clinical psychology, above all the psychology of gambling. He has published 2 books, 11 refereed academic journal articles, 9 conference proceedings and 40 paper presentations for international conferences, as well as one recent keynote address to the 2nd Macau Medical Association Forum. Apart from for 1 paper on religious psychology presented in Moscow in , altogether publications are on the psychology of gambling and the treatment of betting disorder.

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