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Subscriber Account active since. Gambling has long been an activity for hopeful risk-takers willing to test their luck. But sometimes, deceitful bettors have tried taking luck out of the equation. Over the years, casinos in Las Vegas and beyond have been fleeced for millions of dollars as crafty criminals found ways to walk away with big winnings they hadn't lucked into honestly.

Beltram, a casino executive, is the advantage man in a high-technology experiment so as to could alter the face of drop in machines, and their insides, too. Along with a few clicks of his central processing unit mouse, Mr. Beltram can reprogram the 1, slot machines on the disco floor, adjusting the denominations required en route for play, payback percentages, even game themes. Despite their growing popularity and an increase in overall gambling proceeds all the rage recent years, casino operators want en route for win back more of the capital their customers are now spending away -- on food, lodging and erstwhile entertainment, or at Indian casinos before for online gambling. In the ancient, changing out a slot machine was a complicated operation and entailed aperture it, replacing the computer chip classified, then changing the glass display so as to markets the game's theme. The adaptation usually took a day and could cost thousands of dollars, from ordering parts to modifying the machine. The concept is being tested for the next few months under the fix your eye on of state gambling regulators. If regulators approve, casino operators will be adept to centrally adjust the slots en route for cater to different crowds -- older players and regulars during the calendar day and younger tourists and people along with bigger budgets at night. That could mean testing consumer confidence as able-bodied.